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  1. I m giving away 4 neolamprologus multifasciatus to be collected from IG11 7AF. 1 male and 3 females. Text 0791XXXXXX
    Fran ·4 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  2. Collection Leeds Male bd stingray 10-12 300 100 het Albino pearl female 200 2x hybrid 1 male 1 female 250 for pair Top quality rtg arowana 12 300 2x alligator gar 15 150 Rtc 13 20 Giant gourami 13 20 Text or WhatsApp zak 0771XXXXXX for pics and v...
    Charlotte carroll ·2 hours ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  3. I have a group of x5 Frontosa Burundi for sale, consisting of x2 males and x3 females.
    Amit ·13 hours ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  4. One very sexy male Tropheus Duboisi looking for a harem - good size, perfect in every way and immaculate, around 4 inches,2 years old with lovely blue head, handsome slightly upturned nose and very, very perky, looking for a tank with loads of fem...
    Brett Paterson ·2 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  5. 20cm male needs rehoming.
    leon ·13 hours ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  6. Breaking down my tank and have 3 10 inch F1 Frontosa Zaire Blue Moba. 2 females and a male. they are a breeding group but are growing to big for the tank.
    Pete Madeley ·13 hours ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  7. Black diamond x leopoldi Fhresh water rays Female is 9-10 Disk Male is 7-8 Disk In mint condition eating very well. Located Cornwall Selling to raise funds for other Fish. Ring or txt 0773XXXXXX 650 for the pair
    Luke ismail ·1 day ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  8. Nice marble male 8 inch in size loves his food not fussy at all Guna be a real nice ray when bigger I can meet buyer within reason from Portsmouth or u can collect
    Garay ·3 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  9. Male 13" fully rolled and female 10" albino pearl rays, BD Female 18" BD HEN Female 16" male BD 11" would prefer them to go all together. contact via whatsapp for price and pics
    Justin Reid ·5 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  10. I have for sale some P.Fasciolatus Kasanga. Also known as Fasciolatus Red Eye as the males are characterised by their red eyeliner. These are one of best starter Petrochromis as they are less aggressive than the larger Petros and a large group can...
    Sean ·6 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  11. I have three Captive bred Marble Motoro pups available. Two males and one female. All feeding on pellet and seafood.
    Dave ·5 days ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  12. H, I have 8 Electric blue acaras for sale, they have been with me since small and now they are 4 years old, there are 3 males and 5 females in which I have had over 500 fish from them and sold. I am selling the fish as short of space. 4-foot tank ...
    1 week ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  13. blue accara 1.50 each , 4 for 5 , pairs of kribs 4 , bronze corys 3 for 5 , black swordtails 1.50 each 4 for 5 , red swordtails 1.50 4 for 5 , large khuli loach 2 for 3 , cherry shrimps 6 for 5 13 for 10 , adult male L144 lemon bristlenose 12 coll...
    Grahame ·1 week ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  14. 11 Male Burundi Frontosa 6 male Burundi Frontosa 7x yellow labs 2 x red zebras Large male dolphin Large OB Aulonocara Large sulphur head Large male Spilonotus Tanzania 2 x Large male Stuartgranti Aulonacara 2 x Small male Stuartgranti 2 x male B...
    Mark ·1 week ago on Aquarist Classifieds
  15. As titles says Austrian bd male 2 1 2 years old fully rolled stunning fish super white spots jet black base amazing rim and belly spotting nothing better out there. Cralwey West Sussex 900 can send video via WhatsApp
    ... ·2 weeks ago on Aquarist Classifieds